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Sasha Kaminer, a designer

1. What is ‘beauty’ to you and what are its most visible forms? 

Most often, I’m touched by irregular beauty - the combinations of inconsistent textures and forms. It has to do with any of its reflections, both in nature and objects, and people.

2. Where can you find the most beautiful and inspirational landscapes?

To me, in Israel. Everything is golden, shining, and rough there - in the mountains, near the Dead Sea, in the ancient streets of Jerusalem. 

3. Which is the most beautiful thing you have bought lately?

There are a lot of things in my treasure box. I don’t want to single out any of them.

4. What does the expression ‘the beauty of soul’ stand for?

To me, it’s about the strength of spirit. When you’ve got enough inner power to create and be a good person at the same time.

5. What adorns a woman is…

…her intelligence and a sense of humour. Besides, it’s her easy attitude towards herself.

6. When you want to look dazzlingly beautiful, how do you achieve it?

I try to have enough sleep to feel good and be in high spirits. This combo is a failure-proof recipe that goes well with any outfit.

7. What subtle things add up to the beauty and harmony of the space around, in your perspective? 

The light. It adorns the surroundings and gives a nice air to any space. Take the golden hour or candles burning at night.

Sasha Kaminer, a designer
Sasha Kaminer, a designer
Sasha Kaminer, a designer
Sasha Kaminer, a designer

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