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Natalia Belonogova, an architect and designer

1. What is ‘beauty’ to you and what are its most visible forms?

To me, beauty is, first of all, about the proportions. If you take a closer look at nature in all its forms, you will see it’s got no ugly proportions.

2. What is the most beautiful place on Earth?

I believe our planet is a wonderful art piece. Anyway, we haven’t been to the other ones.

And there are lots of beautiful places on Earth, it’s hard to name them all. To me, both mountains and ocean waves are beautiful, tiny clusters of flowers and large blossoms. Being able to see beauty makes all the difference.

3. When you want to look dazzlingly beautiful, what do you do?

I wear a dazzling smile. That’s what I would put on first, so to say. Only then, I would pick up an elaborated outfit and jewellery. On top of that, beautiful thoughts will add up and complete my look.

4.  Which architectural style most precisely reflects your ideas of beauty?

I can’t name a single architectural style as I can find beauty in different styles and movements. However, I’ve got a soft spot for carefully-gauged concrete buildings boasting elements of Brutalism.

5. Which is the most beautiful thing you have bought lately?

Well, I can hardly recollect what I’ve bought lately. I’m quite an impulsive buyer; however, my buys tend to have some underlying meaning. Most likely, I was choosing my latest purchase out of love and had in mind how brilliantly it would add up to one of my looks.


6. What can’t a beautiful and harmonious interior do without?


Without a human!


7. The most beauty-inspiring activity in the world is...


Art. That’s why I’m looking for inspiration at exhibitions, galleries, and museums.

Natalia Belonogova, an architect and designer
Natalia Belonogova, an architect and designer
Natalia Belonogova, an architect and designer
Natalia Belonogova, an architect and designer

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